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Planned Giving

Brandywine Heritage Society

An Invitation to Join the Brandywine Heritage Society

Members of the Brandywine Heritage Society are individuals and families who have expressed their commitment to the Brandywine through an important form of support.

Gifts that qualify donors for membership in the Society include: a provision to the Brandywine in a will or revocable trust; a plan that provides income for life and benefits Brandywine, such as a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust; a charitable lead trust providing income to Brandywine; naming Brandywine as the beneficiary of a retirement plan or life insurance policy; and donating a work of art or personal residence or farm to Brandywine.

The Brandywine Heritage Society is the cornerstone of Brandywine’s effort to achieve long-range financial support through planned giving. Once you complete your estate plans, please let us know. We want to thank you for your generosity by including you in the Brandywine Heritage Society.

Membership Benefits

Your Society membership involves no dues, obligations, or solicitations, but it does allow us to thank you and recognize you for the plans you have made, and it may inspire generosity in others. In addition to opportunities for increased involvement with the institution’s museum and environmental programs, members of the Brandywine Heritage Society are honored at a unique annual reception, recognized in the Annual Report (unless they request otherwise), and thanked in other ways.

The most important benefit, however, may be the satisfaction of knowing you are helping the Brandywine continue in perpetuity. Present and future generations will be assured of open space, dependable water supplies, historical sites, and collections of American Art because of your participation.